I bought some products from Nutrilife a few months ago. Especially the green coffee turned out to be a fake, but not only that, I suffered from skin rash and diarrhoe after taking it and in the end had to throw it away.

The products of Nutrilife would even do harm to my dog! My doctor advised me, that supplements like those of Nutrilife are needless and only cost an unnecessary sum of money.

I cannot recommend these to any person that wants to stay healthy and keep their money. When I contacted Nutrilife in order to get my money back they did not help me.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Nutrilife is the cheating supplement brand.. Don't Buy it...

waste of Money....

And this is marketing as a duplicate name called Nutrilife.......... If you want to be really Happy from all diseases like thyroid, sugar, knee panis, BP, Heart Problems, cancer relief, i suggest you to take World No.1 Health Supplement brand Nutrilite only.

to Chandra #948363

Yes... Nutrilife is fake product ... Nutrilite is result oriented brand product

to Shekhar #954239

Thanks for your suggestion.

i stopped Nutrilife Products

Right Now I am using Only Good & Health Product is "NUTRILITE" only.. it is really result oriented and useful to all persons..

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